Let the Run Tell You Why You Run, Says New Nike China Spot

Wieden & Kennedy Shanghai Create Interactive Film With Many Stories

Published On
Dec 02, 2013

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Dion & The Belmonts croon "I Wonder Why," in Nike China's new campaign that speaks to the growing legions of runners in China. Created by Wieden & Kennedy Shanghai, "Let the Run Tell You Why" follows the backsides of many different runners as they jog through forests, on roads and in parks. They include 74-year-old marathon runner Mr. Sun, a street running club in Taipei, and three sisters in Shanghai who run to change the perception that girls should be sweet and obedient. The film is interactive when watched on YouTube -- viewers can click on embedded links to watch each story,.

This coming Sunday, Shanghai will host its own marathon, where bibs on 35,000 runners will read "Let the Run Tell You Why."