LG captures the epic stasis of the fridgegazer in time-lapse ad

TBWA\Chiat\Day NY combines a human truth and fancy tech to show off the brand’s solution to an everyday problem

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Jun 08, 2023
A sleepy-looking man staring into a refrigerator whose door is open

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“Close the fridge!” was my mother’s repeated plea when I was growing up, as my brothers and I stood in bafflement staring into the fridge for minutes on end—unable to formulate a plan, yet just as incapable of walking away.

It’s a weirdly universal problem that continues into adulthood. In a recent study by TBWA Worldwide, 95% of U.S. adults reported having stared into their refrigerator without a plan. The average U.S. adult spends 12 minutes a day looking into the fridge, the study said—which adds up to 73 hours a year.

A new spot for LG—the first campaign for the company from TBWA\Chiat\Day New York—both frames the problem and presents a solution, employing some impressive time-lapse technology along the way.


The father was filmed in one continuous shot, with no cuts. The time-lapse idea came from director Filip Nilsson at Object & Animal.

“One of our main challenges early on was how best to land the concept and idea—that Dad had been ‘fridgegazing’ long enough to cause a few funny problems—in just 30 seconds,” said Walt Connelly, executive creative director at TBWA\Chiat\Day NY. “When we saw the film treatment from Filip, and the one-shot approach, it opened the idea up and took it to the next level. And we ended up with not just a film that was visually beautiful and interesting, but a piece of advertising that lands the product-benefit in a clearer, much more effective way for the audience.” 

The tech is one thing—the spot really works only because it has the human truth, as well.

“A large focus of our strategy when we pitched for LG [in 2022, becoming global AOR] was separating LG from the category using human insight and empathy,” said Connelly. “The appliance and technology category is rife with conventions—particularly sterile, cold, and inhuman ones. Our approach from the beginning of our relationship with LG has been to find the human insight, and build the story from there.” 

The spot marks another first for LG. It introduces a consistent color style and system that the brand will use to give all of its advertising a distinctive and consistent look and feel. The agency partnered with colorist Stephan Sonnenfeld at CO3—the result is a unique algorithm so any film now made for LG uses a bespoken film LUT.

The LUT “creates a heightened sense of reality, taking away filters you usually see on content to bring out the real colors in the film,” said Connolly. “The treatment is free from artificial filters and additive grain, which actually took inspiration from their OLED technology. So we use true blacks and clean whites to create a cinematic look that embraces the full color spectrum, in a similar way to how the OLED technology actually works.” 
The agency is now working on a new global brand positioning campaign coming later this year. 

“LG was founded on principles of ‘human centered-innovation’ and the ‘warmth to power a smile,’” said Taehyeong Won, Professional, new product marketing team, home appliance and air solution brand communications at LG Electronics. “In finding human truths behind the incredible innovations, we’re not just demonstrating that we understand our customers and how they live, we’re also telling stories that are true to LG, and building the brand through their own truths. Through ‘Fridgegazing’ we’re able to tell the LG story of innovation and product functionality in a positive, enjoyable experience for our customers. We are truly excited to bring this to life with TBWA\Chiat\Day New York and look forward to telling more stories that surprise and delight our customers.” 


Jun 08, 2023
Client :
Agency :
TBWA/Chiat/Day-New York
Chief Creative Officer :
Amy Ferguson
Chief Executive Officer :
Nancy Reyes
Chief Strategy Officer :
James Snowden
Managing Director :
Shannon Nunn
Head of Production :
John Doris
Executive Director Agency Operations :
Erica Bartuccelli
Executive Creative Director :
Walt Connelly
Associate Creative Director :
Trevor Hickey
Associate Creative Director :
Miguel Mayen
Creative :
Tim Semple
Creative :
Nicole Blauw
Executive Producer :
Tina Lam
Senior Producer :
Chloe Heller
Producer :
Taylor Kigar
Director of Business Affairs :
Thalia Tsouros
Senior Business Affairs Manager :
Anne-Camille Charpié
Business Lead :
Melissa Hill
Business Director :
Clemmie Clough
Business Director :
Allie Lightcap
Senior Business Manager :
Tori Bowser
Business Manager :
Riyad Alam
Strategy Director :
Elliot Carter
Director of Marketing & Communications :
Carly Wengrover
Production Company :
Object & Animal
Director :
Filip Nilsson
Executive Producer :
James Cunningham
Executive Producer :
Alex Chamberlain
Producer :
Jess Bell
Director of Photography :
Jakob Ihre
Production Manager :
Sam Jackson
Service Production Company :
Stillking Prague
Line Producer :
Adam Lux
1st AD :
Jakub Elisasek
Production Designer :
Jiri Matura
Editorial :
Cosmo Street
Editor :
Tom Scherma
Assistant Editor :
Jared Zygarlicke
Executive Producer :
Maura Woodward
Head of Production :
Luiza Naritomi
Head of Production :
Anne Lai
Post Producer :
Jasmine Henry
VFX Supervisor/ Lead Compositor :
Alex Snookes
Shoot Supervisor/Nuke Artist :
Toma Bowen
Flame Artist :
Mark Holden
Nuke Artist :
Kevin Pierce
CG Lead :
Andy Boyd
CG Artist :
Ana Blanco
Production Coordinator :
Jon Lazar
Senior Producer :
Justine Pregler
Executive Producer :
Asher Edwards
Sound :
Mr. Bronx
Audio Post :
Mr. Bronx
Sound Design/ Mix :
Eric Hoffman
Assistant Mixer :
Michael Artuso
Assistant Mixer :
Elvira Gutierrez
Audio Post EP :
Hanna Choi
Audio Post Associate Producer :
Maggie Norsworthy
Color :
Company 3
Colorist :
Tim Masick
Producer :
Ryan Moncrief
Head of Production :
Kevin Breheny
Head of Production :
Blake Rice
Music :
CCO/CEO/Co-Composer :
Joel Simon
VP/Executive Producer :
Jeff Fiorello
Sr. Producer :
Norm Felker
Sr. Producer :
Andrew Manning
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Sharon Cha
Co-Composer :
Nathan Kil
Co-Composer :
Rebecca Riter
Vice President :
Roh Sookie
Team Leader :
Byun Hyunsoo
Professional :
Won Taehyeong
Specialist :
Park Kyungmin
Vice President Global Marketing :
Kim Hyo-eun
Head of Global Marketing :
Lee Jeong-seok

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