Today You Might Get a Big Mac Onesie If You Order Through McDelivery

McDonald's Is Latest Fast Feeder to Debut a Lifestyle Collection

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Jul 20, 2017

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Fast food fashion seems to be kind of a thing. KFC recently opened a boutique featuring chicken-themed goods such as drumstick socks and Colonel Sanders tees and bolos. Now, McDonald's has debuted it own lifestyle collection, in partnership with Uber Eats.

The restaurant chain has conceived a line of Golden Arches products such as Big Mac onesies and pillowcases, "World Famous Fries" jogging suit and beach slippers and a burger and fry picnic blankets. But they won't be on sale anywhere near you.

The Golden Arches will be surprising customers with the goods on July 26, Global McDelivery Day. Folks who order McDonald's through the Uber Eats app may get one of the items from the collection as a bonus with their Quarter Pounders, Chicken McNuggets and fries.

Check out where the surprises will be available on the McDelivery site, which is currently counting down to the big day.

According to a McDonald's spokesperson, the company designed and produced the collection in-house.