A Woman Ages and Gets Younger in This Split-Screen Lifetime Spot

Ad Marks the A+E Channel's 35th Anniversary

Published On
Dec 12, 2017

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Lifetime Movie Network is celebrating its 35th anniversary, and to mark it, it's created an unusual film that depicts a woman both aging and getting younger in a split-screen format.

Directed by Jean at Decon for A+E Television Networks, the spot shows, on one side, the woman growing up: she goes from a baby in the crib, to a child playing, to young woman getting married. Juxtaposed on the other side of the screen, we see her first as a frail elderly lady, then gradually younger and younger. At one point, both sides pass each other in an elevator at work, presumably one on the way up and one on the way down, and in a poignant moment we see her both getting married on a beach, and carrying an urn of ashes on the same beach as a widow.

Eventually, the split screens meet in the middle as a woman in early middle age -- representing, we're told, how she's lived a full life but still has so much more to look forward to. It's sentimental stuff, but strangely affecting -- and a great fit with the Lifetime brand.


Dec 12, 2017
Agency :
A&E Television Networks In-House
Brand :
Lifetime Movie Network
Client :
Lifetime Movie Network
Producer :
Benjamin Asher
Creative Director :
Lindsay Ross
Production Company :
Director :
Executive Producer :
Misha Louy
Head of Strategy and Development :
Mike Lobikis
Editorial Company :
Cut + Run
Assistant Editor :
Natalie Kasling
Assistant Editor :
Stacy Peterson
Executive Producer :
Lauren Hertzberg
Producer :
Eytan Guyman
Color Correction :
Colorist :
James Tillett
Finish :
Jogger Studios
Online Editor :
Joey Grosso
Audio Post :
Sound Lounge
Mixer :
Rob Difondi

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