These disturbing 'LullaBombs' play the horrific sounds of war in place of lullabies

Latest project from Mother Goods draws attention to the Ukraine war and other conflicts for charity War Child

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Feb 24, 2023

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The latest product launch from Mother's Mother Goods initiative draws attention to the tragic plight of children in war zones, just as the world remembers the one year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The agency collaborated with the charity War Child on  "LulllaBombs," a re-imagined children’s sleep aid. Instead of lullabies or a white noise machine, the "product" is a device that plays the sounds of guns and bombs; all authentic recordings captured in real war zones. The idea is to underscore how war robs children of the most basic of human needs, sleep.

Each LullaBombs "machine" is encased in a repurposed landmine, made from recycled metal, with a built-in light feature that projects explosions and searchlights onto the ceiling to represent the night-time experiences of those children affected by war. They come in six bright primary colors schemes typical of nursery design; but look more closely and you'll see the colors reflect the flags of the conflict-affected countries where War Child conducts its work (Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Ukraine and Yemen.)


Lullabombs in different colors

The sounds on the recordings were captured by an Emmy Award-winning director who wishes to remain anonymous due to personal safety issues. “The authentic sound of war is very different to what we’re used to hearing in a movie," they said. "Living in the middle of muffled sounds of bombs going off in the distance, or shots being fired past where you stand, is harrowing - especially for the young.  Having been to multiple conflict zones I was able to record sounds first-hand. Each sound has a story attached, with effects still being felt far beyond the point of impact."

"LullaBombs helps to bring a devastating soundscape to life, allowing us to imagine - even for just a moment - what it is for a child to grow up with explosions, gunshots and air raid sirens punctuating their formative years. The sound of war keeps them up at night, depriving them of sleep, and stays with them long after they reach the relative silence of safety.”

The limited-edition LullaBombs are available to buy at where 100% of each sale goes directly towards War Child’s work helping children in conflict zones.

“It has been a year since the outbreak of this war in Ukraine, and we are still seeing the life-changing impact it has had on so many children and families," commented Oleksandra Yarova, Communications Officer from War Child’s Ukraine Response Team, in a statement. "This is what makes LullaBombs so timely and powerful; the campaign portrays the stark differences in children’s experiences across the world, and jars people into realizing the harsh realities for so many children living through conflict. As a Ukrainian, and mother to a nine-year-old boy who had to flee our home in search of safety, I know first-hand how truly damaging war is – particularly for children."

Mother's previous products in the Mother Goods collection have included a range of bullet-resistant leisurewear designed "to protect you from guns in the comfort of your home" as well as a luxury phone case that highlights our obsession with smartphones and the Gay Blood Collection, featuring products made with the blood of LGBTQ+ people. The site was launched last summer as part of the independent agency's new refocus on "Making our Children Proud."