Sony : Make TV

Crowdsourcing a video, via live TV.

Published On
Mar 05, 2012

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Sony is enabling TV viewers to take part in the making of a new music video using an app, in a new branded content project, Make TV, in Japan.

Created by PARTY and airing tomorrow (March 6th) on Japan's TBS network, 'Make TV' is a live music TV show, which will let viewers take part in the making of a video by Karmin (a US pop music duo, best known for their covers). Participants need to download the Dot Switch Android app to their phone/tablet, or access the Dot Switch website. Using the app or the site, they can push virtual buttons to trigger different devices on the live TV show. Each of the 13 devices requires a certain number of pushes to initiate, so the more pushes the show receives, the more will happen.

Viewers can connect via Facebook or Twitter to see their name may appear on Japanese national broadcast, and outside of Japan, you can watch the show live streamed on the Dot Switch website. After the show, the footage will be edited into an official Karmin 'Crash Your Party' music video, and every participant will be included in the credits.