Katy Perry's New Music Video Is Also an (Exhausting) Ad for H&M

They Want You to Be 'Happy and Merry' -- in Fact, They Insist on It!

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Nov 23, 2015

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Dancing gingerbread men! Industrial-strength mistletoe! Twerking teddy bears! Marching candy canes! Line-dancing elves! And a hot shirtless guy, for some reason!

All of these factor in a new music video starring Katy Perry that serves as the centerpiece of fashion retailer H&M's new #HappyandMerry campaign, which puts holiday spin on the company's initials. It's an exuberant (if exhausting) celebration of celebrating, with a chorus that goes, "Every day is a holiday, when you're the reason to celebrate!" (Unfortunately, we just checked with HR, and every day is not a paid holiday, but we appreciate the thought.)

One possible chink in Katy's festive armor: She closes out the video by saying "From all of us to all of you, happy and merry holidays," which will no doubt trigger certain religious conservatives who insist that all seasonal sentiments that don't explicitly name-check Christmas amount to a "war on Christmas." But as far as we can tell, the toy soldiers in this video are unarmed.