Afroreggae Puts Rio's 1,000 Favelas on a Map

JWT Brazil Teams with Charity for Social Program to Make the Favelas Matter

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Dec 12, 2013

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JWT Brazil twams with social charity Afroreggae on "Ta no Mapa," (On the Map," a project that wants to map the 1,000-plus favelas (shanty towns) in Rio de Janeiro, in an effort to make them matter and start a discussion about urban life and its social issues. For years, those areas have been invisible -- they don't show up on Google Maps or on search sites. JWT is now starting to map them, beginning with the Prada de Lucas in the North, and moving on to Vigario Geral next.

On top of the mapping process, the agency is also working with young local kids who are doing the groundwork for the mapping process, by finding local shops in the favelas, developing ways for them to communicate, and creating listings. A team of young people will manage that platform, which hopes to support small businesses and entrepreneurs in those favelas.


Dec 12, 2013
JWT - Brazil

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