McDonald’s offers an ‘after-dinner dinner’ to those still hungry after tiny meals at fancy restaurants

Consumers in Dubai can present their fine-dining bill and get free food in campaign from FP7McCann

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Mar 05, 2024
An "After-Dinner Dinner" posted at a McDonald's

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McDonald’s UAE has launched “After-Dinner Dinner,” a promotion in which customers who are still hungry after eating at a fancy restaurant can come to McDonald’s and present their fine-dining check in exchange for free food.

The promotion was devised by agency FP7McCann.


“I’ve always gone to McDonald’s after some kind of event or outing because I’m guaranteed good food and a good time,” said Federico Fanti, chief creative officer at FP7McCann. “So, when the team noticed that we all do the same thing, we knew that there was an insightful idea here. The fact that it’s the fine dining bill that unlocked the promotion made it witty and fun to engage with.” 

The campaign includes out-of-home posters.

Outdoor poster for McDonald's UAE's "After-Dinner Dinner"

Outdoor poster for McDonald's UAE's "After-Dinner Dinner"

Food tray promoting McDonald's UAE's "After-Dinner Dinner"


Mar 05, 2024
Client :
Client :
Agency :
Chief Creative Officer :
Federico Fanti
Executive Creative Director :
Aunindo Sen
Creative Director :
Alexander Rodrigues
Associate Creative Director Art :
Jonathan Cruz
Associate Creative Director Art :
German Espitia
Associate Creative Director Copy :
Aliza Siddiqi
Senior Copywriter :
Nikita Bocharov
Art Director :
Roy Sebastian
Group Account Director :
Sana Omran
Account Director :
Amr Lotfy
Account Executive :
Giorgio Balaa
Social Producer :
Abdelrahman Abdelsalam
Social Content Creator :
Mel Abrera
Project Manager :
Fernanda Stein
Senior Editor :
Deydson Rocha
Motion Graphic Designer :
Guilherme Silva
Motion Graphics Designer :
Aashim Kadayikkal

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