McDonald’s says a quarter pounder beats frizzy hair and sand in your face in summertime spot

We Are Unlimited shows how the dog days aren't all they're cracked up to be

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Jul 22, 2019

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Most of the country is trapped in a perpetual heat wave, so everyone knows summer doesn’t always deliver on the promise of freedom and fun in the sun.

Besides the inevitable sunburns and sweat stains, there are bug bites and bee stings and jellyfish stings, sunscreen dripping into eyes, hair-frizzling humidity, sky-high air conditioning bills, offices chilled to Arctic temperatures, beach traffic, post-beach traffic, hot garbage and sand in the worst places.

A new spot for McDonald’s from We Are Unlimited illustrates the lie of summer with a cavalcade of errors, as people just trying to enjoy a little time outside are beaten back by nature (and everyone else trying to do the same thing). Instead of attempting to squeeze the fun of out summer, one woman gets back to basics with a simple Quarter Pounder on a park bench.