Perfect Poop Is Why You Should Buy Halo Dog Food, Says Brand's New Campaign

Angelic Poo Character Fronts Ads From RPA

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Sep 18, 2017

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Natural pet food brand Halo has found a new--and very direct--way to tell you why to buy its product--it produces nice poop.

Over the years, pet food ads have gradually shifted from concentrating on the flavor and taste of food to focusing on its health benefits. While Halo's campaign is an extension of that, it goes further, but to combat the ick factor, it mines the potential humor of poop with a halo-ed poop-emoji style animation named "Poopsie."

The animated poop appears in a cutesy musical (seen here), which is running on TV in Ottawa only, as well as in a longer-form educational video and various shorter clips including one that homes in even more on just why the poop is good (small, well-formed, easy to scoop and a "good listener," apparently), and another with a DJ-ing dog. The overall message is that Halo is made with whole meat for superior digestibility and "The Proof is in the Poop."

RPA created the campaign. As well as the social and digital ads, Halo "Poopsie" character will appear in display, radio and OOH ads.


Sep 18, 2017
Halo Pet Food
Halo Pet Food
Executive Vice President, Chief Creative Officer:
Joe Baratelli
Vice President, Group Creative Director:
Adam Lowrey
Adam Lowrey
Vice President, Group Creative Director:
Nathan Crow
Art Director:
Nathan Crow
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Melissa Neborsky
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Ari Alius
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Lauren Geschke
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Amy Wong
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Hannah Sanderson
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Sarah Kershaw
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Gary Paticoff
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Carolyn Casey
Vice President, Executive Producer:
Selena Pizarro
Vice President, Director Digital Production:
Dave Brezinski
Director, Print Production:
Susan Cockrell
Senior Art Producer:
Stephanie Breese
Art Producer:
Sandra Sanchez
Namrata Abhyankar
Grace Wang
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Tiffany Chen
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Cassandra Mai
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Claire Hendon
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KK Davis
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Bianca Villasenor
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Christina Winsor
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David Berne
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Jen OSullivan
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Ravi Jayanath
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Abe Diaz
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Bert Choi
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Transistor Studios
Production Company:
Transistor Studios
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Jamie Rockaway
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Scott Glenn
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Debbi Landon
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Caroline OSullivan
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Dan Hart
Josh Loucka

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