Mekanism Helps Jose Cuervo Tip it Forward for Cinco de Mayo

Mekanism’s third annual Cinco de Mayo campaign with Cuervo

Published On
May 05, 2022


Mekanism’s third annual Cinco de Mayo campaign with Cuervo is called “Tip It Forward,” a program that not only rewards people who celebrate Cinco by drinking tequila, but changes Cinco from a holiday about tipping back drinks to one about tipping forward. The cheeky spots, directed by Pete Marquis (a former bartender himself), use a series of humorous tactics (puppies, string quartets, and UFC fighter Kevin Holland) to persuade/guilt consumers into tipping their bartenders.

“For lots of people, this will be the first Cinco in three years that they can enjoy out at a bar or restaurant. Cuervo just wanted to remind everyone that it’s the hardworking bartenders and waitstaff who make celebrating this day possible, and to enable people to show love by tipping generously,” says David Horowitz, Partner & Executive Creative Director at Mekanism.

Jose Cuervo will match every dollar sent, up to $100,000, for a donation to the nonprofit Another Round Another Rally. The organization provides reimbursement grants and immersive educational scholarships to hospitality workers, while also offering emergency assistance for industry workers who have fallen on unexpected hardship. Consumers can request their $10 to “Tip it Forward” by visiting from April 28 through May 5. There, they simply enter their name, zip code, email, and phone associated with their Venmo account. Daily winners will be randomly selected and granted their $10 on May 5 before the giveaway officially closes at 9:00 p.m. EST.

With Jose Cuervo, “There Are No Strangers” (as their brand line states). When people are out celebrating Cinco with their friends, Mekanism wants them to show bar and restaurant staff the same level of kindness they give to their friends. That's why they’re proud of this idea that makes it easy for people to show some extra love to their bartenders this Cinco.