Men’s crotches get unwelcome visitors in Manscaped’s ads for its ‘ball deodorant’

DDB New York and photogapher Emiliano Granado capture street-style scenes of dogs invading personal space

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May 01, 2023
A dog sniffing the crotch of a man sunbathing on a beach

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Dogs have no shame when it comes to their olfactory investigations, which leads to amusingly awkward scenarios in Manscaped’s new print ads for its “Ball Deodorant” product.

Three ads were shot in street-photography style by DDB New York and photographer Emiliano Granado. Each shows a dog getting up close and personal with a guy who could probably use the product. There’s a beach scene, a tourist scene and a finance-bros scenes, all crafted to look spontaneous. 

A dog sniffing the crotch of a man sunbathing on a beach

Paulo Junger, executive creative director at DDB New York, said the agency was looking to address the awkward topic in an approachable way—and the creative team, including CD Mussashi Shintaku, found dog behavior to be a great way in.

“Everyone’s been in that situation, right? You feel like, OK, what should I do? You try to divert the attention. ‘Maybe he's smelling my dog,’” said Junger. “Manscaped is always trying to change the perception of how men take care of their private parts. Nobody really talks about it. For women, it's more comfortable. They want really to change the perception for men.”

A dog sniffing the crotch of a tourist taking a selfie with his wife in NYC

They shot the ads in midtown and downtown New York City, as well as Coney Island in Brooklyn. They cast for the lead roles, but also used some real people as the bystanders. They hid dog treats in the guys’ pants—then just tried to capture as much spontaneity as possible.

“It was a really fun and light production,” said Junger. “We were trying to get that street photography vibe, to feel more raw and real, like the moment was really happening.”

A dog sniffing the crotch of a man walking outside an office building in NYC

At one point they considered doing video, but soon realized print was the way to go. “The story is really told in one frame, so we leaned into that,” said Mat Bisher, chief creative officer of DDB New York.

Aside from the product shot, the ads have no copy, enhancing the minimalist vibe.

“We had kind of gone back and forth, does it need a line to explain it?” said Bisher. “One of the main reasons we didn't have a line was, half of the people, when they looked at it, read it as though the individual has used the product, and half read it as though the person has not. We actually viewed that as a positive. Either way it tells the story of what the product does.”

The ads will be running in men’s magazines, as well as in newspapers and social.


May 01, 2023
Client :
Agency :
DDB-New York
Chief Marketing Officer :
Marcelo Kertesz
VP of Integrated Creative :
Henry Arlander
Executive Creative Director :
Charlie Wolff
Executive Producer :
Keith Cecere
SVP Marketing :
Ryan Fiore
VP Marketing :
Joey Kovac
Worldwide CCO :
Ari Weiss
Chief Creative Officer :
Mat Bisher
Executive Creative Director :
Jason Ashlock
Executive Creative Director :
Paulo Junger
Creative Director :
Vinicius Fernandes
Creative Director :
Mussashi Shintaku
Associate Creative Director :
Rafa Oliveira
Executive Director :
Alan Perlman
Account Supervisor :
Alex Porter
Head of Production :
Teri Altman
Executive Producer :
Jane Piampiano
Integrated Senior Producer :
Deirdre O'Sullivan
Executive Digital Producer :
Omkar Palekar
Director of Business Affairs :
Susan Watts
Project Manager :
Georgina MacDonald
Production Company :
Photographer :
Emiliano Granado
Photo Assistant :
Emma Devereaux
Photo Assistant :
Heins Evander
Line Producer :
Larissa Cortes
Casting :
Larissa Cortes
Executive Producer :
Adina Birnbaum
Styling :
Rebecca Bailey

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