Mercado Libre's 'Feed Parade' wins Entertainment for Music Grand Prix at Cannes

Campaign by Gut recreated Sao Paulo's Pride parade as a music video on Instagram

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Jun 23, 2021

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Mercado Libre's "Feed Parade" has won a Grand Prix in the Entertainment for Music category at Cannes 2021.

The Latin American e-commerce platform and agency Gut created the campaign for Sao Paulo's Pride parade in 2020, which was canceled due to coronavirus.

Mercado Libre had been the main sponsor of the parade, so in order that people could join it without leaving their homes, the campaign recreated every square meter of the Parade route and turned it into music video on the Instagram feed of Brazil's biggest LGBTQ+ artist Gloria Groove, where people could tag themselves and others. Putting it together involved manually uploading 279 individual pictures of the parade route, taken by drone.

Wyclef Jean, president of the Entertainment for Music Lions jury, said the campaign was a great example of "using technology to engage and to send a message out" and described the way that people could tag others as "overall just genius." "We all need to send these signals out around the world," he added.