Mike's Hard Lemonade Muscles in on #Lifehacks Trend With #Mikehacks

What Could You Do With a Can of Lemonade?

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Aug 20, 2014

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Mike's Hard Lemonade has jumped on the Twitter trend for #lifehacks (amusing shortcuts to making life easier) with #mikehacks, a website and set of videos encouraging people to come up with innovative ideas using Mike's Hard Lemonade cans and boxes.

Viewers can watch tutorials, download blueprints, and upload their own creative ideas at the site, which is being launched with a set of videos by Chicago agency Tris3ct, directed by Uber Content's Daniel Strange. These include a miniature hot dog cooker dubbed "The Bitty-Q", a Swim-Up Bar made from a rubber ring, and a lemondade fountain constructed from miniature swimming pools (seen here).