Mint Mobile makes Super Bowl debut with 'Chunky Style Milk'

The ad will air after a coach's challenge

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Feb 01, 2019

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There will be a total of four telecom carriers showing ads during the Super Bowl on Sunday, but Mint Mobile may not be on consumers' radar.

Although Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile have all confirmed they'll be showing up to the Big Game, Mint Mobile said late Friday that it's also going to be present with its first-ever Super Bowl commercial. The carrier will air a national, 30-second "floater" ad, meaning it could air at any point during the game.

Three-year-old Mint is positioning itself as a value brand on game day, offering plans as low as $20 a month to subscribers, depending on how much data person decides to use. Its ad, dubbed "Chunky Style Milk," shows a man seeing Mint's $20-per-month offer and saying, "That's not right" before Mint spokesman--a cartoon style fox--says, "It's right all right. Now chunky style milk, that's not right."

The commercial then segues to a family who enthusiastically consume full glasses of chunky style milk. The creative was handled in house, but Mint worked with Ruffian production company for the shoot.

The company also paid NFL hall-of-famer Deion Sanders to promote Mint and its "that's not right" theme in the week running up to the Super Bowl on social media.

Mint itself doesn't have any stores, and it runs on T-Mobile's network but carries an mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO designation, meaning T-Mobile customers have priority access to data should the user be in a crowded area like a concert, for example.

Verizon confirmed it will be in the game with a 60-second ad, as will Sprint with a 30-second commercial. T-Mobile said Friday it will air four spots during the Big Game, one in each quarter.

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