Mojo Supermarket is holding a chicken sandwich hostage until it’s let into the Popeyes review

The agency’s new-business strategy takes a dark turn, but they claim the sandwich has not been harmed

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Mar 07, 2023

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No chicken sandwiches were harmed during the making of this hostage video—we think.

Creative agencies everywhere have been salivating ever since word came down late last month that the Popeyes account was going into review. But the phone has yet to ring, apparently, at Mojo Supermarket—so they’re resorting to some darker negotiating tactics as they seek a spot in the review.

The indie agency posted the video above to LinkedIn on Monday, giving Popeyes three days to reach out before ... well, the fate that will befall the sandwich isn’t spelled out, though it can’t just be that it gets eaten, can it?

It’s no surprise Mojo would be interested in Popeyes. Buzzworthy creative is the agency’s calling card—from DojaCode to the Match billboards to the Truth Initiative's “Depression Sticks”—much as it’s been lately for Popeyes. Indeed, the hostage stunt is intended in many ways to point out the similarities of their approach, and how that could translate to a sympatico relationship down the road (one that could thrive without threats of violence).

“Our approach to new business has never been a traditional one. We’re intentionally selective in who we work with,” Dylan Neuhaus, business development and partnerships lead at Mojo, told Ad Age. “We love the buzz that Popeyes has built for themselves, and we want to help make them have that feeling for people every single day, not just when a new sandwich drops. Finding those right client partners isn’t always easy. Sometimes you have to kidnap something to get their attention.”

Kate Carter, group creative director, added: “We know the power of Mojo in regards to earned media, and while Popeyes has made their fair share of big press hits in the past, we wanted to throw our conceptual chops in the ring for a chance to make work on the same level as their spicy chicken sandwich. So we thought, instead of waiting around for them to come to us, can we go directly to them ... and kidnap their sandwiches for work?”

Lest you think this friendly tone shows weakness, allow copywriter Brian Marcolini to clarify. “At this moment, the sandwich is not in danger,” he said. “For the next 48 hours it will stay in a climate-controlled environment, safely tucked away in a secure location. After that? Well, that’s up to Popeyes.”


Mar 07, 2023
Agency :
Mojo Supermarket

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