'Chunky Slut Stalker That Woman,' aka Monica Lewinsky, embraces name-calling in her latest anti-bullying PSA

Lena Dunham, John Oliver, Olivia Munn and others also join the campaign from BBDO NY

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Oct 05, 2018

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October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and few people know as much about the subject as Monica Lewinsky. Since reemerging into the public years after the global ridicule she enduring after a dalliance with Bill Clinton, she has become a staunch anti-bullying activist.

A year ago, her PSA “In Real Life,” created by BBDO New, brought online insults into the real world, triggering impassioned defenses of victims by unwary passersby. Now Lewinsky and BBDO NY are back with another campaign, for which she’s changed her name.

During the month of October, Lewinsky is going by Monica “Chunky Slut Stalker That Woman” Lewinsky, a name containing actual insults leveled at her in the 1990s. Joining her are an array of celebrities, all appearing in the PSA or changing their social media names to include real insults they endured when they were younger.

There’s Lena “The Whiny Fat Cunt” Dunham, Tony “phony squawk starvation victim bony cock” Hawk, John “Dumb Bitch Loser” Oliver, Sarah “The Weirdo” Silverman, Olivia “The New Girl in School No One Likes” Munn, Quest “Super Dweeb” Love, Alan “Useless” Cumming and Maysoon “Crooked Gumby-Mouthed Terrorist Whore Bitch Who Looks Like She Was Slapped Upside The Head With A Frying Pan And Should Probably Kill Herself” Zayid. The point is that these people succeeded despite the bullying.

You can also call this writer I-Hsien “Eat Shit” Sherwood. (Seventh graders are such inventive assholes!)

To take part, social media users can change their online names and use #DefyTheName to call attention to the issue. The video, directed by O Positive's Brian Billow, is running on social channels and is being shared by the celebrity participants. The campaign is also supported by a host of non-profit organizations: The Amanda Todd Legacy, Anti-Bullying Alliance, The Childhood Resilience Foundation, Crisis Text Line, The Diana Award, Ditch The Label, Heart Mob, iHollaback, Project Rockit, Sit With Us, Think Before You Type and The Tyler Clementi Foundation.


Oct 05, 2018
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BBDO-New York

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