More than 100 organic brands are encouraging you to skip this annoying 30-minute ad

Only Organic throws 700 chemicals in your face to remind you of their alternative in campaign from Humanaut

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Oct 02, 2019

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Organic Voices, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting organic agriculture and food production, takes an annoying approach to promoting its cause. The organization, backed by more than 100 brands including Organic Valley, Amy’s Kitchen, Stonyfield Organic, Applegate and Lundberg Family Farms, has debuted what it calls the “World’s Most Skippable Ad.”

Created out of agency Humanaut, the 30-minute long preroll features a couple reciting, singing and rapping a list of more than 700 chemicals, from Abamectin and Lamda-Chyhalothrin to Yellow Prussiate of Soda and Zoalene, all of which are no-nos when it comes to organic agriculture, livestock and food production. The couple encourages viewers to go ahead and skip the ad (and all those additives) because that’s what they’d be doing when they buy organic food, textiles and household goods.

“Americans should not have to read a long list of chemicals on the back of their products and wonder if any will cause harm to themselves and their family,” said Gary Hirshberg, chairman of Organic Voices and founder of Stonyfield Organic in a statement. “We want to make it simple: you can skip this long list of chemicals and just go with organic.”
Added Humanaut Co-founder and Chief Creative David Littlejohn, “The campaign focuses on one thing: the sheer volume of chemicals that organic protects you and your family from.”

Along with the preroll, the campaign also features out-of-home ads, digital, social and a website,, featuring an absurdly long scroll through the entire list of chemicals. It does take quite some time to get through, and the site even encourages you to skip it too through a series of cheeky pop-ups. 

It’s just the latest do-good effort from Humanaut, which focuses on creating work for brands with purpose. Recently, it was behind the branding and creation of Morgan Spurlock’s chicken restaurant “Holy Chicken!” featured in his latest film. 

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Oct 02, 2019
Client :
Only Organic
Agency :
Chief Creative Director :
David Littlejohn
Chief Strategy Officer :
Andrew Clark
Creative Director :
Nathan Dills
Associate Creative Director :
Will Benham
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Tommy Wilson
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Bethany Maxfield
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D’arce Peter
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Bethany Maxfield
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Joel Sparks
Original Score :
Summer Dregs
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Motion Graphics :
Victor Tyler
Audio Mix :
D’arce Peter
Color :
Annie Huntington
Media :
Junction 37

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