Etsy's Global Brand Campaign Shows How Boring, Old Mugs Reveal the Unique You

'Difference Makes Us' Campaign From Office of Baby Celebrates Our Individuality

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Sep 14, 2016

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Celebrating differences has been a popular theme in brand marketing, evident in ads for Samsung, Coca-Cola, Android, Ad Council, among many others. Now, the idea drives a new global brand campaign from online retailer Etsy.

Created out of Office of Baby, the "Difference Makes Us" effort features two quirky spots celebrating mundane objects -- mugs and end tables. But how unique the items appear juxtaposed with others in the world tells a more interesting tale of our individuality and humanity. Each ad is set to the soulful, playful crooning of 90-year-old children's folk singer Ella Jenkins, whom The Wisconsin Journal dubbed "The First Lady of Children's Folk Song."

The new campaign "speaks to the breadth of the items for sale in the Etsy market, and highlights the people that browse and discover them on Etsy every day," the brand explained in a blog post. "These choices and expressions are what make us all who we are -- they're what make us different, what make us original, and what make us ourselves. Those differences, and how we express them as both buyers and sellers, are also what bring all of us together, on Etsy, every day."

According to Office of Baby Partner/CCO Paul Caiozzo, the agency won the assignment in a pitch against a few other shops. He said Etsy's brief was to "create a globally unified platform idea that celebrated the Etsy community."

As for what inspired the work itself, "We wanted to show how everyday items could be true reflections of creativity -- and how Etsy had so many different kinds of these seemingly simple, everyday things," Mr. Caiozzo said. "Sometimes it's something as small as a mug that truly expresses who we are as individuals."

"Just about everything" featured in the ads was an Etsy product, with the exception of a few background props, he said. Both films were shot on iPhones, a decision that will help enhance the content of the campaign and also connect the brand further with its users. The idea essentially allows Etsy sellers to create vignettes similar to those in the spot on their own, with their own products. "This lets us constantly update the spots swapping out new products within each vignette, literally creating a different ad each time," Mr. Caiozzo said.

Sellers can learn more about how they can make their products part of the campaign story here.

The campaign also includes posters, digital, social and video placements and will run on multiple channels through the holiday season and beyond.