A #CallToArmChairs: Mustache Agency Enlists America to Stay at Home

Brooklyn-based agency answered UN's Call to Creatives with a call of their own.

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Apr 16, 2020


Earlier this month, the UN issued a brief asking creatives to help spread accurate information about combatting COVID-19. Mustache Agency, a part of Cognizant Interactive, responded with an emotional, spirited #CallToArmChairs, integrating everything from World War II archival footage to TikToks.

Like historical events before it, COVID-19 has brought the country together—albeit in unexpected ways. As such, the creative team took inspiration from other moments of national struggle and triumph. The video includes several cameos from the Mustache staff—Director Kevin Mastman can be seen passionately playing the saxophone at 1:11. 

On the message, Mastman said, "In America's most challenging moments, we have seen people step up and make sacrifices for the good of everyone else. I believe we are seeing that generosity and appreciativeness today, but in a way that is only made possible by this age of social media interconnectedness and dance videos. My hope is that this video reminds Americans of the sense of patriotic duty that has fueled the responses to crises and movements in our past, and can be one piece of the puzzle that helps bring together a country that is more divided than it's been in decades."

Watch the full video above and see more #CallToArmChairs content on Mustache's Instagram.


Apr 16, 2020
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