Valvoline: Never Idle

When was the last time your motor oil made you feel something?

Published On
Sep 30, 2020


Less than 10% of Americans actively change their own oil. And for those who DIY, they typically do it only about 2- 3x a year. So, how do you stay top of mind and become culturally relevant when you only interact with your customers as often as they go to the dentist?

Our work had two simple goals: help consumers engage with the brand more frequently and make them feel something toward the brand. Motor oil brands often act as if consumers can be “scienced” into submission. But researched showed that people don’t change brands because of rational benefits - they do it because of how a brand aligns with their own personal ethos. So in order to strike a cord with consumers who are genuinely driven by a sense of personal accomplishment, we built a campaign that spoke to the self satisfaction that only comes from doing things yourself.

Big created the Never Idle campaign as part of an always-on content strategy, leveraging targeted social, display, pre-roll and broadcast, supported by contextual CRM. We crafted a content mix that educated, entertained, rewarded and inspired the audience to engage more frequently.

Valvoline holistically promoted the Never Idle mantra across numerous touch points, including a social media influencer program, a celebration of racing history, a focused acknowledgment of high-mileage car owners, the creation of and :60-second spots voiced by modern philosophers and thinkers that challenges our audience to never stop improving.