New York Times celebrates 1,000th Wordle with five-letter deals around the city

Solve Friday’s puzzle for a chance at a free B-A-G-E-L, seeing your favorite I-M-A-G-E at MoMA, and more

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Mar 11, 2024
Sign outside a donut shop, designed like Wordle, that reads "Happy Sugar Sweet Round Donut"

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Wordle is celebrating a major milestone this week. The New York Times word game’s 1,000th puzzle will be released on Friday, and the company is celebrating with various five-letter activations around town.

Solving Friday’s puzzle will unlock various deals for players, some of which are redeemable immediately—such as a free B-A-G-E-L (Wordle #706) at any Tompkins Square Bagels location or free D-R-I-N-K (Wordle #207) at the end of the day from Superbueno, Talea Taprooms, The Dead Rabbit or Dear Irving.

Other prizes are more limited and require entry online. For example, more than 1,000 Wordlers will get a free three-month membership trial to the Museum of Modern Art to regularly see their favorite I-M-A-G-E (Wordle #986).

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The S-P-I-R-E (Wordle #576) of the Empire State Building will also be lit up in Wordle colors on Friday.

New York Times Games is celebrating by “rolling out the green and yellow and white carpet for a celebration that’s as colorful as Wordle's iconic tiles, inspired by past five-letter Wordle solutions,” the company said in press materials.

See a list of activations below. There are more on the website.

• A free B-A-G-E-L (Wordle #706) to start your morning at any Tompkins Square Bagels location. 
• A discounted NYT Bestseller S-T-O-R-Y (Wordle #318) at The Strand (Union Square). 
• A little extra H-U-M-O-R (Wordle #236) for your month, with the help of Caveat and Littlefield.
• A limited-edition green and yellow D-O-N-U-T (Wordle #749) at Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop.
• A chance to see how the P-A-P-E-R (Wordle #36) gets made, with a behind-the-scenes tour of the New York Times Print Plant. 
• An afternoon crunch on C-R-U-S-T (Wordle #24), with a free slice at nationwide Joe’s Pizza locations (NYC, Miami, FL Ann Arbor, MI, Cambridge, MA). 
• A chance to see your favorite I-M-A-G-E (Wordle #986) at MoMA more often—over 1,000 Wordlers will get a free three-month membership trial. 
• A free stroll through sprouting spring F-L-O-R-A (Wordle #654) at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. 
• A year of discounted M-O-V-I-E (Wordle #272) nights at Film Forum. 
• A suite for your whole Wordle crew at an upcoming Brooklyn Cyclones game where you’ll get to play C-A-T-C-H (Wordle #484) on the field. 
• A complimentary D-R-I-N-K (Wordle #207) to close out the day, from Superbueno, Talea Taprooms, The Dead Rabbit, and Dear Irving.

As we’ve written about before, The New York Times Games products have been effective for the company in boosting subscription numbers. Wordle itself remains free to play, but it’s housed within a larger group of games, many of which are premium and require a Games subscription or a full New York Times editorial subscription to unlock.

The Times has also been using its Cooking and Wirecutter sections and sports site The Athletic to similarly drive subs.

The Times said its Games were played almost 4 billion individual times in 2022. Wordle accounted for more than 2 billion of those plays.