Nike challenges parental views of sport in the Middle East in punchy spot

Campaign from W+K Amsterdam also includes an immersive retail experience and storybook

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Oct 03, 2022

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Nike is challenging traditional views around kids playing sport in the Middle East in a punchy new spot that encourages parents to think differently about the benefits of being active. 

The ad, by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, is called "Rise of the Kids" and features a series of children engaged in different sports, responding to their parents' views. "I'm just wasting my time," says a little girl playing soccer, while a champion ice skater declares "I've got my head in the clouds." "This better not affect my grades," quips a boy practising golf swings. Other gripes? They're getting too sweaty, too cold, or "hanging out with the wrong crowd."

The spot, which was directed by Alaska out of Iconoclast, concludes in spectacular fashion with a teenager sand-surfing through the desert and bursting into a conference room, as her parents watch in surprise on TV. "This won't get me anywhere," she says. "But what if it does?"

Rolling out across the region throughout October 2022, the campaign is supported by a number of resources specifically designed to educate parents and motivate children, helping families in the Middle East to move better.

A wider campaign is running across the region accompanied by out-of-home posters featuring some of the kids in the ad. There's also an immersive retail experience in the Nike Store in the Dubai Mall, and the brand created a free storybook that invites parents and kids to discover the benefits of sport together by combining interactive storytelling with practical advice on how to "plan for play’." It will be distributed in communities across the Middle East, and it will be available to download as an eBook.