Now you can create Ikea furniture for your gingerbread house

Holiday campaign from Canada gives you cookie cutter stencils for the Billy bookcase, Strandmon armchair and more

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Dec 03, 2020

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Building elaborate gingerbread houses could be a popular holiday activity this year, with most of us stuck at home and looking for projects. Ikea is here to help.

In a project by agency Rethink in Canada, the retailer is letting people recreate items of iconic Ikea furniture, like the Billy bookcase, Strandmon armchair and Malm bedframe, using a set of downloadable stencils The stencils can be used shape your gingerbread pieces before baking and assembling into the various items (you'll be glad to hear no allen key is required.)

The campaign website  also offers suggestions for suitable bakeware; and Ikea is inviting people to share their edible furnishings, using the hashtag #IKEAholiday. Canadian influencers are involved in the wider campaign, sharing their home creations, and Ikea Family loyalty members will also get a chance to win limited edition gingerbread cutters in the shape of the furnishings, by scanning their cards in-store to take part in a contest. Wunderman worked on the contest, and Carat worked on the media buy for the campaign, which is running on Instagram and Facebook.