Digital strategy for PAYG SIM card distribution and activation

[ 10.6% Increase in Star Traders & 112.7% YOY Increase in SIM Activations ]

Published On
Oct 24, 2019


O2 partnered with Dept with the goal of re-energising its Star Trader programme. The customer engagement venture is facilitated through an O2 branded digital platform used to recruit and retain ‘Star Traders’ by distributing O2 PAYG sims and disbursing commissions per activation, as well as other prizes and rewards. Dept comprised and activated a digital marketing strategy to increase awareness and interest in the Star Trader proposition.

Dept has taken a highly strategic approach to the Star Trader website audit which has optimised the digital platform, improving performance and user journeys. A multichannel digital marketing strategy fuelled growth through generating awareness and interest in the opportunities within Star Trader. As a result, the number of sim card activations has increased by 112% YoY (06/2019 vs 06/2018) and 10.6% more Star Traders have signed up from the time of taking over the account to date (09/2018 to 07/2019).


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