Graubunden Tourism : Obermutten International Museum of Friendship

Obermutten makes another push for global fame.

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Aug 02, 2012

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The town of Obermutten is at it again. This tiny village of about 80 residents in Switzerland's Graubunden region became famous around the world for its charming Facebook campaign from last year. Working with agency Jung Von Matt Limmat, it invited people to become its fans, after which it would post their profile pics, for real, on the town's bulletin board. Now, the town is promising to give even more real estate to its fans with this new Facebook push.

Mayor Martin Wyss is inviting the town's fans to send their "objects of friendship," which will be given a a home in the newly established Obermutten International Museum of Friendship. Basically, it's just a barn, but the town is relying on all of you to transform it into a global institution like no other.

According to JVM Creative Director Livio Dainese, the museum just launched, but already "presents are dropping in from Turkey, Germany and Hawaii." All the items will be photographed, described and featured in the Obermutten Facebook photo gallery. He adds the this latest effort is "an attempt to turn the first episode [with the bulletin board] into something longterm, an enduring attraction for Obermutten and hopefully, in the near future, a valid museum worth visiting."

Dainese says that the latest effort did require a little "push" from the agency side, but "now can be handled by the guys themselves up there." And the work itself hasn't been a "job," he says. "Fernando [Perez, CD] and I are very connected to the people and very keen on helping them stay successful."