An OOH Campaign Inspired By an Out-of-Home Star: The Sun

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May 02, 2023


Minute Maid & WPP’s Open X, led by VMLY&R, has created a campaign that not only promotes Minute Maid Original with Calcium & Vitamin D, but also offers a unique way to help everyone feel 'filled with life' through the power of the sun.

Minute Maid’s reimagining the traditional media where the sun can naturally be found: Out of Home & aims to bring the sun back into people’s daily lives.

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The Reflective Billboard: Many apartment buildings are in the shadows of their neighbors. With a strategic placement on rooftops or blank walls, Minute Maid’s billboard redirects sunlight into nearby windows and spaces, brightening up once-dark homes.

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The Open Billboard: Traditional billboards block the view of the sky and prevent sunlight from shining through. Minute Maid has found a solution by mapping out each city's billboards that block the most sun and taking over those areas. By punching out the inside and displaying an empty frame, our Open Billboard opens to the sunny sky behind.

The Extended Shelter: Bus shelters weren't designed for sunlight seekers, but Minute Maid has changed that. By extending the waiting area & adding seats outside the shelter's walls, we invite people to wait for the bus while soaking up some vitamin D.

“As an iconic brand, Minute Maid has always brought the essence of nature into people’s homes,” said Desiree Ferrari, Global Director, Shopper and Consumer Content, The Coca-Cola Company. “We’re happy to see the new global brand platform “Filled with Life” executed through a campaign made of unconventional formats that really brings the source of life, the sun, and its benefits to people and in those places that need it the most.”

This campaign is not just about promoting Minute Maid - it's about authentically connecting with our audience and enhancing their access to sunlight. Rafael Pitanguy, Deputy Global Chief Creative Officer, VMLY&R explains: "People won't just see and read Minute Maid's latest campaign, but...they will actually feel it."


May 02, 2023
Agency :
Global Chief Creative Officer :
Debbi Vandeven
OpenX Global Chief Creative Officer :
Javier Campopiano
Deputy Global Creative Officer :
Rafael Pitanguy
Gabriel Jardim
Guto Monteiro
Assoc. Creative Director :
Guilherme Possobon
Assoc. Creative Director :
Daniel Thomer
OpenX Global Client Lead :
Stephanie DeCelles
Associate Director CE :
Devin Rote
OpenX Global Category Lead - Nutrition :
Cécile Berger
Director Creative Strategy - Nutrition Category :
Petra Mayer
Chief Strategy Officer :
Chase Cornett
Managing Director - Global Comms :
Jinie Kwak
Sr. Communications Manager :
Jacquie Van Der Veur
Director of Production :
Nicole Godoy
Producer :
Nicole Thedin
Agency Production Team :
Anderson Rocha
Executive Creative Director :
Roberto Rogoski
Client :
The Coca-Cola Company
Global Category President - Nutrition :
Manolo Arroyo
Global Sr. Director Creative Strategy - Nutrition :
Sadaf Zarrar
LAOU Marketing Director :
Claudia Navarro
Global Director - Shopper and Consumer Content – Nutrition :
Desirèe Ferrari
Global Director Brand Strategy :
Katalin Czigler
LAOU Nutrition Category Lead :
Carmen Mendez
LAOU Creative Strategy Director & Content Lead - Nutrition :
Fer Moraga
LAOU Content Analysts - Nutrition :
Gustavo Muneratto
LAOU Content Analysts - Nutrition :
Renata De Oliveira Nunes

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