Orange's holiday film about a snowman is a metaphor for lockdown

Francois Rousselet directs Publicis Conseil's ad about long months of waiting

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Nov 24, 2021

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Telecom company Orange sums up how a lot of us felt about 2021's long months of lockdown in its holiday ad this year. It's the story of a snowman (and his pet snow-cat) who spend most of the year shut in a frozen home, getting more and more bored and frustrated as they wait for the time that they can come out. 

The ad, directed by Francois Rousselet via Division for Publicis Conseil, shows the snowman watching kids and families outside as the seasons change, while he tries to pass the time. Pandemic references abound—there's cleaning, Zoom calls with other snowmen, and board games (our snowman takes up chess, so we're thinking he was a "Queen's Gambit" fan, like the rest of us). Eventually, he sees via his phone weather app that the temperature is dropping and he can leave the house again to have fun. It ends with the message that "together season is finally back." 

The 90-second ad is running on French TV. Set to a well-chosen music track ("Everything I Own" by Bread) and featuring some impressive post-production (it made us feel cold, anyway) by Prodigious & Mikros, it's light-heartedly sweet, with only passing reference to Orange's connections and devices but a theme that everyone can relate to. 


Nov 25, 2021
Client :
Agency :
Publicis Conseil-Paris
Advertiser Manager :
Gaëlle Le Vu
Advertiser Manager :
Quentin Delobelle
Advertiser Manager :
Annabel Salesa
Advertiser Manager :
Ombline Thomine-Desmazures
Advertiser Manager :
Caroline Fortabat
Advertiser Manager :
Ronan De Beauregard
Music and Experience Director :
Vrej Minassian
President Publicis Counsel :
Agathe Bousquet
President overseeing creativity Publicis Counsel :
Marco Venturelli
Creative Director :
Fabrice Delacourt
Copywriter :
Kevin Salembier
Art Director :
Nicolas Hurez
TV Producer :
Sarah Bouadjera
Account Manager :
Anne Dauvé
Account Manager :
Claudia Weiss
Account Manager :
Aline Auger
Account Manager :
Clément Renault
Account Manager :
Priyanka-Lisa Sen
Production :
Director :
Francois Rousselet
Producer :
Charlotte Lepot
Line Producer :
Katya Mokolo
Director of Photography :
Matias Boucard
1st Assistant :
Frédéric Monnet
Production Designer :
Alexandre Vivet
1st Camera Assistant :
Laura Perrotte
Stylist :
Liate Cohen
Costume Design :
Stephane Levallois
Costume Creation :
Jacques Olivier Molon
Post-Production :
Prodigious & Mikros
Post Production Manager :
Franck-Hervé Marc
Executive Producer :
Claire Garraud
Film Editor :
Adriana Legay
Colorist :
Arthur Paux
VFX Producer :
Nicolas Huguet
Supervisor VFX :
Franck Lambertz
Flame Artist :
Damien Canameras
CG Lead :
Vincent Coni
Concept Design :
Nathan Lucas
Matte Painter :
Benjamin Bardou
CG Generalist :
Yohan Graux
CG Generalist :
Richard Rampaly
FX Artist :
Vianney Durieux
Modeling Artist :
Alexandre Corcoy
Motion Design :
Olivier Jarry
Sound Producer :
Joel Tessonneau
Sound Engineer :
Olivier Vehert
Music :
Everything I own
interpreted par BREAD :
Everything I own
Author/Compositor :
David Gates
Edition :
Sony Music Publishing
Production :
1972 Elektra Entertainment

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