An elf’s first Christmas includes a snack stop at a convenience store for Oreo cookies

Holiday spot teaches a lesson in how to eat the cookie

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Nov 21, 2019

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Elves know how to make presents and spread cheer but don’t innately know how to eat Oreo cookies.

That’s the premise of “First Christmas,” a holiday spot for Oreo from the Martin Agency.

The ad opens on an elf in a gas station convenience store, repeatedly muttering a single thing on his shopping list: “Oreo for Santa.” A drowsy clerk perks up once he spots the elf.

As the elf heads to the checkout with plenty of Oreos and an orange soft drink, the clerk realizes he has no clue how to eat an Oreo. The elf confirms it’s his first day. (Side note: Did this elf actually start working on Christmas? Aren’t those jobs filled months in advance? Isn’t there a waiting list for elves who get to ride along on the sleigh? So. Many. Questions.)

Anyway, back to the plot. In the spirit of giving, the clerk tosses the orange beverage and replaces it with a container of milk and a glass, items he apparently has at the ready behind the counter for such an auspicious occasion.

The clerk teaches the elf the art of the twist and lick and how to dunk Oreos. Here’s hoping the Oreos they dunk are not the ones they just licked, because there’s only the one glass of milk. Soon, the new friends are off on a whimsical adventure through the empty shop. It appears as if their fun is about to end when Santa and the reindeer get antsy to hit the road (OK, the sky). Then, the clerk is offered the chance to tag along. 

The spot highlights Oreos in a convenience store setting, which just happens to be an area where Mondelēz International Inc.’s executives have said they see an opportunity to increase the leading cookie brand’s distribution. It also continues the “stay playful” message Oreo began using earlier this year in ads featuring Wiz Khalifa.

The 60-second version of “First Christmas” will run online and a 30-second cut down is airing on TV. It’s Oreo’s first holiday campaign since 2016. This year’s effort includes sharing recipes on digital and social and selling holiday-themed products including an ugly sweater online. Also, peppermint bark Oreo cookies, which debuted in 2018, and tins of fudge-covered Oreos, are back.