Oscar Mayer smokes its bacon so long it interrupted its own ad with another ad

The campaign by Johannes Leonardo highlights the 12-hour smoking process

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Jun 17, 2024

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An ad within an ad, Oscar Mayer’s new campaign for its smoked bacon is its own advertising matrix. 

Created with agency Johannes Leonardo, the new ads highlight Oscar Mayer’s 12-hour thick-cut bacon smoking process, which takes six to eight hours longer than other bacon brands, according to Oscar Mayer, by interrupting the spot with a beauty ad. 

Each ad begins with a closeup of bacon sizzling and a narrator explaining the smoking process when suddenly, the viewer is given the illusion the ad has changed—to a lip gloss ad (above) or a razor ad (below). The illusion of a wafting aroma and the actor’s sudden distracted state reminds the viewer the bacon is still smoking and you’re still watching an Oscar Mayer ad.


The spots rely on ad styles from two completely unrelated categories to recapture the viewer’s attention and underscore the point. They will run on online video, social media, display and audio across iHeart Radio, Twitch and sports mediums.