Pepsi Rocks an Underground Music Festival in Buenos Aires Subway

Train Platforms Become a Stage for Four Bands as Fans Travel Station to Station

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Mar 28, 2016

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Pepsi extended its music platform in Argentina to a very different platform, the kind found in subways. Pepsi held an underground music festival with four different rock bands in four Buenos Aires subway stations, starting at midnight on a Saturday after the subway system was shut down for the night.

Only 1,000 tickets were available, and the concert goers were divided into four groups of 250 people each. One group entered the subway station at a time, and traveled from one station--or stage--to the next. Passengers disembarked on one side of the platform, while the band played on the other side, all decked out as a stage.

As part of a global campaign to "break with the routine," the 1,000 tickets were raffled off to fans who participated in a challenge by Pepsi Argentina to put music where there wasn't music before. Fans responded with posts and uploaded images and videos to a Pepsi fan page.

"Pepsi Music Underground" was organized by BBDO Argentina.