Peyton Manning dreams of a baguette blimp in NBC’s amusing new Paris Olympics promo

The spot, produced by Manning’s Omaha Productions, kicks off the network’s fall campaign driving interest for next summer’s Games

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Sep 07, 2023
A baguette blimp hovering over the Eiffel Tower in Paris

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In search of promotional ideas? Do not hire Peyton Manning.

NBC Sports kicks off the ad campaign for its coverage of the 2024 Paris Olympics with an amusing 60-second spot that launched Thursday morning—in which Manning dreams up the most hackneyed (not to mention logistically challenging) idea for how NBC should open its coverage of the Games.

It involves wine, bread ... and plenty of cheese.


The spot, produced by Manning’s Omaha Productions, is a lively and refreshingly comedic beginning to the campaign and should get some attention—particularly as so many Olympic promos tend to be overly earnest and full of stock footage.

The promo debuted on the “Today” show and will air Thursday night during NBC Sports’ coverage of NFL Kickoff, featuring the Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Detroit Lions. The promo will run across NBCU’s linear, social and digital platforms throughout the fall. Additional spots with a similar theme, but different talent, are expected in the months to come. The Paris Olympics will take place from July 26 to Aug. 11, 2024.

“Peyton Manning was the perfect choice to begin our fall promotional campaign for next summer’s Paris 2024 Olympic Games given his appeal to the very large and passional football audience that is about to regather with friends and family,” said Jenny Storms, CMO, entertainment and sports, at NBCUniversal. “As we get closer to next summer’s Games, we look forward to evaluating Peyton’s marketing ideas along with those of other celebrities.”