Pinterest appeals to people's creativity to encourage face mask safety

Campaign from 72andSunny encourages users to create out-there designs that make a statement

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Jul 23, 2020

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In April, when many of us were weighed down by pandemic fears and getting accustomed to lockdown, Pinterest decided to come out with a message to lift spirits. Its spot from 72andSunny celebrated those making the best of it at home and featured inventive ways folks were keeping their kids busy, maintaining their social connections from afar and more. 

Now, as COVID-19 continues to take a toll even as countries around the world have started to open up, the social platform once again highlights users’ creativity—this time, to keep the mask-wearing safety message front and center. 


The brand’s “Make a Statement Mask” campaign encourages users to go nuts with their face coverings, showing how wearing them doesn’t have to be a chore. Rather, it can be a statement. 

The effort, again from 72andSunny, tapped creators including Gigi Buriss, Safia Jihan, Archel Bernard and Kerin Rose Gold to make instructional posts showing users how to create some out-there designs, including a veiled mask, one for allies and activists and another riffing on Salvador Dalí’s “Ruby Lips” brooch, featuring gems and pearls. The ideas appear on a dedicated "Statement Mask" board

The idea was inspired by the rise in Pinterest searches for DIY masks during the first few months of the pandemic as well as increased interest in specific trends. For example, recent stats showed growth in search for specific DIY mask styles, including those with sequins, embroidery, bling and tie-dye.

Pinterest Face Mask Board