Now Pokemon Go Is Being Used in an Anti-Brexit Campaign

London Posters Warn of Pokemon 'Deportation'

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Aug 16, 2016

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It might be August, but the popularity of PokemonGo seems to have inspired creatives into coming up with some briliant campaigns during the dog days of summer. So far this month we've seen campaigns using the virtual monster hunt to help children recover from injury and find missing people. The latest campaign to tap into the phenomenon is drawing attention to the plight of EU nationals in the U.K. after the Brexit vote.

Posters have been appearing all over London calling for the deportation of Pokemon characters, with captions such as: "By 2019 your Pokemon may lose their right to live in the UK." The posters have been placed around London landmarks as well as popular PokeStops and gyms. They encouarge people to visit the #PokemonGoHome website, which draws their attention tp the plight of more than half a million EU nationals currently living in the U.K., who might have to leave as a result of Britain's exit from the European Union. Visitors are encouraged to sign an online petition.

Freelance copywriter David Felton and designer Steve Sinyard worked with Evan Brown, an associate creative director in L.A., on the campaign. Felton told Creativity he got to know Brown via Twitter after reaching out to say he loved his Guitar Hero ad with James Franco. "We ended up chatting over Twitter about ads in general, and when I told him I was working on Pokemon Go Home, he volunteered to manage the project and provide some advice and support which has been invaluable."


Aug 16, 2016
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David Felton
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Steve Sinyard
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Evan Brown

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