Spectrum's Soccer Monsters Return for an 'Evil' Poker Game

Something Different and David Shane Are Back With More Funny Ghoul Business

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May 30, 2017

Editor's Pick

Last month, Charter Communications' Spectrum showed us the softer side of Hollywood's favorite monsters in a funny ad in which creatures like the Mummy, The Grim Reaper and The Werewolf discussed their very domestic weekend plans during the train ride back to the 'burbs. Now, a new spot from boutique agency Something Different and director David Shane shows what they're like when chill out during their weekly poker game.

Back is the neurotic banter that made them so lovable in the first ad. A Charlie McCarthy doll, for example, complains about getting a kids' menu on a recent date. But then a little argument ensues when The Werewolf, with a bad hand, decides to fold, and asks his demon buddy to pause the television. "I can't," Demon bluntly replies, causing his furry friend to get all insecure. But DirecTV's the problem, not him. "I can't pause it; I can't rewind it," he insists -- a perfect setup for the endline, "TV that's missing stuff is evil. Spectrum has it all." The tagline then reads, "DirecTV Bad. Spectrum Good."