Popcorn eaters get a hand from above in these quirky ads for Kernel Season’s

Familiar Creatures crafts new campaign positioning the brand as ‘popcorn's mischievous best friend’

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May 08, 2023
A giant hand reaching down with popcorn seasoning as a girl is studying next to a bowl of popcorn

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A giant hand reaching down from the sky usually evokes triptych altarpieces and Renaissance-era frescoes. But Kernel Season’s is trying to reassociate a portrayal of the unattached limb with a more contemporary, culinary art—popcorn.

The seasoning brand is tapping Richmond, Virginia-based creative agency Familiar Creatures for a hands-on (arm-in?), eccentric approach to snack marketing in its latest “Just Add Interesting” campaign.

The creative teams brought to life several weird, vibrant visuals that reframe the product as "Popcorn's mischievous best friend" as opposed to just another bottom-shelf flavoring. One spot, “Kettle Grill,” features a teenage girl in an ’80s-inspired get-up reaching for a handful of popcorn amid the boredom of a drawn-out study session. 


Suddenly, an outstretched arm appears unfurling from the ceiling to season the popcorn bowl, leading the girl to smile and reveal her dental appliance has transformed into a diamond grill bedazzled with the words “KETTLE CORN.”

The giant hand reappears in “Gold Mine,” this time to sprinkle White Cheddar on the popcorn of an unfazed man watching the news in his living room.


Seconds later, a miner’s dirt-caked face bursts out of a couch cushion, and the unlikely duo whistle a rendition of “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain” before presumably indulging in the freshly seasoned movie snack. 

“For centuries, popcorn has played it safe with salt and butter,” said Justin Bajan, co-founder and creative director at Familiar Creatures. “We wanted to convey that Kernel Season’s role is to be that movie character with the spunk and spontaneity to take popcorn on a joyride with popcorn’s dad’s sports car—much to popcorn’s chagrin and or delight.”

This is Familiar Creatures’ first project for the brand since being appointed lead creative agency at the end of last year. The endearingly erratic spots premiered on YouTube on May 1. They can also be seen across Hulu, Pluto, Samsung TV Plus, Discovery Networks and Sling TV. 

Beyond television, Familiar Creatures also worked with animator Ryan Musselman on paid social video and display to add the same kind of silliness through animation. The campaign will also include radio ads and an activation at various Comic-Con shows.


May 08, 2023
Client :
Kernel Season's
Agency :
Familiar Creatures
Brand Manager :
Alina Allen
Social Media Manager :
Christina Jarboe
Designer :
John Dijulio
Co-Founder/Creative Director :
Justin Bajan
Co-Founder/Creative Director :
Dustin Artz
Art Director :
T. Scott Major
Brand Director :
Kate Luxton
Head of Production :
Scott Friske
Director :
Ben Hurst
Director :
Dave Thomas
Producer :
Erin Malloy
Post Production :
Familiar Creatures
Editor :
Tiffany Burchard
Colorist :
Matthew Schwab
VFX/Flame Artist :
Chris Hagen
VFX/3D :
Ryan Musselman
Audio Post :
Overcoast Music + Sound
Partner/Head of Production :
Matt Whitworth
Partner/Executive Producer :
Travis Tucker
Media Agency :
Lewis Media Partners

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