Portugal.The Man's brilliant, disturbing claymation video is definitely not for kids

British animator Lee Hardcastle worked with Wieden & Kennedy Portland to bring 'Tidal Wave' to life

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Oct 16, 2018

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The latest music video from Portugal.The Man, features one of the darkest, most disturbingly funny uses of claymation we've seen in a while. 

Wieden & Kennedy Portland, in its sixth collaboration with the Grammy-winning Oregon rock band, worked with British animator Lee Hardcastle, known for his claymation that's "not for kids," on the video for "Tidal Wave." It sees a puttyversion of the band being attacked by toxic sludge, mutating and finally melting down, thanks to an incompetent crew member, while a crazed audience (including a dancing baby) cheers them on.

“Being advertising creatives who sit in dark offices all day, we tend to be pretty jealous of good-looking, talented rock stars who tour the world to adoring fans,” explains Wieden & Kennedy Art Director Helen Rhodes. “So when we were asked to create the music video for Portugal. The Man’s ‘Tidal Wave’ track we thought, let’s make them into hideous mutant creations of their former selves. Unsurprisingly, they weren’t up for months of painful reconstructive surgery, so we did it in claymation instead."

Rhodes adds: "Copywriter Nick Morrissey and I had the loose structure for the video, but the fucked-up factor was really turned up to 11 when we got the warped mind of animator Lee Hardcastle on board. He’s a one man claymation band of delightful craziness and we couldn’t be prouder of the music video baby he has birthed unto the world.”

Meanwhile Portugal.The Man's John Gourley has this to say: “W+K always makes weird shit for us, but this one borders on unacceptable. I don’t dance with my butt out like that. That’s messed up.”

Wieden's previous exploits for the band include the band's pop-up themed music video for "Rich Friends" and the interactive, socially-minded video for the band's big hit, "Feel It Still."


Oct 16, 2018
Client :
Portugal. The Man
Agency :
Wieden & Kennedy-Portland
Band Member :
John Gourley
Band Member :
Zachary Carothers
Band Member :
Kyle O’Quin
Band Member :
Jason Sechrist
Band Member :
Zoe Manville
Band Member :
Eric Howk
Manager :
Rich Holtzman
Label :
Atlantic Records
Creative Director :
Jason Kreher
Copywriter :
Nick Morrissey
Art Director :
Helen Rhodes
Director of Production :
Mike Davidson
Director of Production :
Matt Hunnicutt
Executive Producer :
Mike Davidson
Producer :
Danielle Magee
Director of Business Affairs :
Amber Lavender
Business Affairs Manager :
Brian Cook
Director/Animator//Co-Writer :
Lee Hardcastle
Finish Company :
Joint Editorial
Color Grade :
Jasmine Vazquez
Post Producer :
Alex Thiesen
Post Executive Producer :
Leslie Carthy
Mix Company :
Noah Woodburn

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