This retailer's staff wore contact lenses designed to make you buy a cinammon bun

Campaign from Akestam Holst raises all kind of questions

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Oct 07, 2019

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It was National Cinnamon Bun day in Sweden last Friday (Oct. 4) and apparently, competition was stiff between retailers vying to sell the delicious treats. 

Convenience store chain Pressbyran and agency Akestam Holst came up with an interesting way of persuading customers to buy their cinnamon bun from its stores; it asked employees to wear special contact lenses with a cinnamon bun motif and a price tag.

These so-called "eyefluencers" were present in up to 300 stores on the day. However, according to a spokeswoman for Akestam Holst, employees had a choice whether they wear them, and all the employees, wearing them or not, were positive about the campaign. The effort was promoted by the film seen here, as well as OOH, social media and in-store materials. 

We have all kinds of questions about this new marketing channel-- including whether this is creepy or could be counted as "subliminal" marketing (the agency counters that it "is right in front of the eyes of the customers and nothing we are trying to hide"). But mainly, can we have one of those delicious-looking cinnamon buns please? 


Oct 07, 2019
Client :
Agency :
Åkestam Holst
Creative :
Filip Laurent
Creative :
Johan Landin
Creative :
Joakim Khoury
Creative :
Martin Noreby
Creative :
Simon Lublin
Account Manager :
Bella Lagerquist
Account Director :
Jesper Ander
Graphic Designer :
Jens Broman
DOP / Editing :
Nisse Axman
Producer :
Henrik Adenskog
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Stream Nordic

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