Quaker documents morning rituals in latest photo series

‘100 Reasons to Rise,’ developed by Uncommon Creative Studio, spotlights real people photographed by Misan Harriman

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Apr 16, 2024
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Photographer Misan Harriman captured 100 reasons to rise for the morning in Quaker’s latest campaign. 

Developed by Uncommon Creative Studio, the campaign illustrates 100 individuals, ages 1-100, sitting down at breakfast, each marking a significant day in their lives. It can be experienced digitally through a photo series documented by Academy Award nominee Misan Harriman, with additional photography by Harriman’s close collaborator, Domizia Salusest.

“There is so much possibility at breakfast, and I love the possibility of that meal,” says Harriman in the almost 90-second video compilation of the photo series.

“100 Reasons to Rise” follows Quaker’s “You’ve Got This” global campaign launched in February, and focuses on the unsung heroes and the moments that make morning routines an essential part of the day. The campaign is supported by a recent Quaker global survey that found that over 40% of people feel the most hopeful in the morning. The brand found that 70% of the people surveyed find hope among the people closest to them.

“This project recognizes individual stories of how we start the day and demonstrates that, regardless of what life throws at us, we have fortitude and hope. For Quaker to be bold enough to allow us to go to people’s homes and really observe them as they live, that adds a layer of authenticity that always comes through in the lens,” said Harriman in a statement. “It was lightning in a bottle.”
Harriman’s heroes include Adam, a 1-year-old ahead of his big day as a ring bearer; Maria, a 28-year-old having breakfast on the day of her theater debut; Peter, 69, preparing to get a new car; Fung, at 91, ahead of her flight to Hong Kong to be reunited with relatives; and Joan, 100, eagerly anticipating her big birthday party.


“I’m still dancing. I don’t dance as well, but I’ve got a very nice partner who makes sure I don’t fall over. And last week I did a jive, which was wonderful. So, that’s my tip: Make sure you've got something to get up for,” says Joan’s story.
Harriman added further narration to the photo series in the in-person exhibit, offering a deeper look into the stories of the individuals featured in the campaign.

“We’re thrilled to kick off the next phase of the larger ‘You’ve Got This’ platform with ‘100 Reasons to Rise,’ a universally unifying project that’s a natural extension of the brand’s journey forward. The campaign celebrates everyday people who awaken the potential in others on the days that matter most,” said Ciara Dilley, global vice president of marketing at Quaker, in a statement.
Dilley called Harriman the perfect choice because, as a photographer, he was able to capture human connection, “which is truly the sentiment behind this project.”
The photo series kicked off in Toronto at The Harbourfront Centre on April 10th for one day only and will then move to Union Station, a popular commuter hub, from April 17th to the 19th. See more photos of his subjects below.





Apr 16, 2024
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Uncommon Creative Studio
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