How Pot Noodle Could Get You Into the Ring at Las Vegas

New Agency Lucky Generals Targets Millennials With Ad Featuring Short Cut to Success

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Sep 02, 2015

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Fast food snack Pot Noodles is an unlikely diet for a sporting hero, but a new spot by newly appointed agency Lucky Generals stars an athletic young man lying on his bed, staring up at a boxing poster, while talking about his dreams.

We see him working out in the gym, and then running around his local community, surrounded by cheering kids. The young man says, "Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to make it. That's why I eat these Pot Noodles. Less time cooking. More time chasing my dreams. After all, success doesn't come on a plate. Those extra minutes made all the difference."

We then see him celebrating as he reaches the bright lights of Las Vegas, while back at home, his family gathers around the TV, waiting for a boxing match to start. But the star of the ad is not one of the boxers -- he enters the ring wearing a green sparkly two-piece outfit and carrying the "round two" sign. His family -- all eating Pot Noodles -- goes wild as they see their boy on TV.

Andy Nairn, a founding partner of Lucky Generals, said in a statement, "Our strategic leap has been to flip the key brand benefit of simplicity and tie it to ambition, rather than laziness. Perfect for a generation that feels it can make it, at anything in life. Pot Noodle has done some great advertising over the years, but its slacker associations now feel out of step with the ambitious young people of today."

U.K. independent agency Lucky Generals won the Pot Noodle account in December; it was previously held by Mother. The Unilever-owned brand had become famous for controversial advertising -- U.K. watchdog, the Advertising Standards Association, banned its "Slag of all snacks" endline, and vetoed a more recent ad for the Bombay variant that invited consumers to "Peel the top off a hottie."

Monique Rossi, marketing manager for Pot Noodle, said in a statement, "'You Can Make It' is a big idea that gives the brand a new sense of purpose, but which remains true to the product."


Sep 02, 2015
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Pot Noodle
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Pot Noodle
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Lucky Generals
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Nick Ball
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James Bland
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Toby Courlander
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