Mars Rover reflects on 6 months in space in Google ad

NASA and Google Photos teamed to feature the Perseverance Rover's 125,000 photos of Mars

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Aug 19, 2021

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Between Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, space travel has gotten a lot of attention this year, especially from brands. But one galactic explorer has gotten much less attention—and it’s been on Mars for six months!

Google Photos has teamed with NASA to celebrate the space organization’s Perseverance Rover, which captured over 125,000 photos of the Martian landscape in its time off Earth. The retrospective video, called “A Mars Rover Looks Back,” highlights the rover’s extensive documentation of the planet (while showing off Google Photos’ interface).

Set to the optimistic tune “Put on Your Sunday Clothes” from the musical “Hello Dolly!,” the spot imagines what the Perseverance Rover’s own account would look like as it scrolled through its portfolio. Images are broken down into categories like “shadow selfies,” “rocks” and “additional rocks.” The robot reminisces with cataloged memories and peruses photos by location on a very sandy map of Mars’ surface.

Using Google Photos’ search function, the rover is unfortunately reminded that it has captured no evidence of martian life, but does have a record of its fellow rovers and a pet named “Pig Rock.”