Samsung has folding billboards to promote its folding phones

Campaign for the Galaxy Z Flip4 by Iris is running in the U.K.

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Oct 13, 2022
Samsung folding billboard for the Galaxy Z Flip4

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Samsung is currently on a mission to promote its new Galaxy Z Flip4, with a whole campaign driving home the fact that it's foldable. As part of that it's created what it claims is the first folding billboard.

The special build billboards, created with U.K. agency Iris, are running in London and Manchester until Oct. 23. One half of the billboards folds outwards, replicating the shape of the smartphone, and the text simply asks. "It folds. Does yours?"

“Regular, slab-shaped smartphones are great. So are big, flat billboards," said Richard Hayter, group creative director at Iris, in a statement. "But they’re both so common, so easy to ignore. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 utterly changes what people can expect from a phone – it folds into an ultra-compact shape. So we thought we’d do the same for billboards, demonstrating the Z Flip4’s category-shifting design in a way that can’t be overlooked.”

Samsung earlier promoted the Z Flip4 with a TV spot by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, in which a Samsung holdout became obsessed with folding objects.