This Heartfelt Samsung Ad From India Racked Up 30 Million YouTube Views

There's a Twist Midway Through Cheil India's 4-Minute Ad About Brand's Customer Service

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Jan 09, 2017

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Samsung India's new campaign promises to get customer service to consumers in far-flung parts of the country, with the tagline "we'll reach you wherever you are." The ad from Cheil India starts out as you might expect; a customer in the Himalayas calls for help fixing her TV, and a Samsung engineer travels to reach her, encountering obstacles likie a rickety-looking suspension bridge, a fallen tree blocking his route and sheep in the road.

But at four-minutes long, the ad takes some unexpected turns. It's about customer service, but it's also purpose-driven marketing. We won't spoil the surprise here.

Ranjivjit Singh, CMO for Samsung India, told Ad Age India that the spot wasn't inspired by any true stories. "The film involved a lot of pre-production work in terms of finding the right location and characters," he said. "The idea was to tell the story in a compelling way that illustrated our commitment to take care of our customers, no matter where they are." Samsung launched 535 service vans in October 2016.

The spot also appears to be a way of changing the conversation about the troubles that dogged the Samsung brand in 2016. The campaign is on TV and digital channels, with the YouTube video racking up 30 million views since it was posted Dec. 30.