Goth Girl Gets an Affirmation of Love via Home Improvement in New Hornbach Spot

Retailer Tells Us to 'Say It With Your Project' in Heimat's Latest Ad

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Aug 28, 2014

Editor's Pick

German home improvement chain Hornbach has impressed us before with its great ads via Heimat, Berlin, and this is no exception.

In a spot that's about individuality and conformity as well as home improvements, a father drops his Goth daughter at school after driving through an exaggeratedly pastel-colored, picture-postcard town. Naturally at school she is shunned, and the contrast between light and dark continues with a striking shot of her sitting alone during Phys. Ed., while the other students taking part are dressed in sparkling white. Her walk home is similarly painful, with people locking their car doors against her and stares from little kids and moms in playgrounds. But at the gate, she finds black paint coming off on her hand -- her father is up a ladder painting the whole house black, an affirmation of his love for her. The strapline is "Say It With Your Project."

The spot, which will run in Austria, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Slovakia as well as Germany, was shot by Spanish director Pep Bosch, while Berlin-based Trigger Happy Productions handled production.