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Huge redesigned the cycling helmet and It is already winning in the Tour de France

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Sep 10, 2019


Huge Toronto, global experience agency, designed and created a new and innovative cycling helmet, named Scott Split Plus, for Scott Sports, the helmet was also worn by Simon Yates in the individual time trial Friday, July 19 in the Tour de France. The Scott Split Plus helmet will be released globally at independent retailers in Sept 2019. 

Bike helmets have been evolving aero performance in cycling for decades primarily focused on reducing drag and increasing speed, however, most changes to helmets have focused on overcoming aerodynamic drag of the helmet alone. Huge Toronto discovered that while a helmet itself produces significant drag, a rider's position makes the greatest difference. Currently the only accurate way to understand aero performance for equipment and rider position is in a lab with a wind tunnel, which can be very problematic for training and often does not reflect the race day environmental conditions an athlete is faced with.

Therefore Huge focused on the rider to better understand their needs for managing aerodynamics, including their body position and navigating the environmental conditions of a race. Top five product highlights, as follows:

  • Not solely designed in a lab, but designed with considerations that anticipate and understand human factors, including head positioning, body movement and even rider fatigue, so that the rider always has an aerodynamic advantage

  • Spring-loaded sunglass holder (category first)  

  • A more compact shape than traditional racing helmets of the past--those helmets focused on the rider remaining in one position in order for optimal aerodynamics. 

  • Soft lower sides to fit snugly around ears--in the past riders would hurt themselves putting on rigid, tight helmets, just so that they could shave milliseconds off time

  •  Front vent keeps head cool in all position

Also Annemiek Van Vleuten is World Champion Time Trial and has a customized helmet, she also just won Giro d’Italia women this year.

As a follow-up, Huge is creating an IOT accessory device for the helmet to help riders train with aerodynamics in mind. The device will track their body position and helps riders understand aero benefits while training, queuing them to adjust position for optimal times of rest and performance.











Sep 10, 2019
Agency :
Agency :
Client :
Scott Sports
Product Development Partner :
Scott Sports Engineering Department
Product Development Partner :
University of Adelaide Aerodynamic Dept.
Managing Director :
Matt Di Paola
Design Director :
Matt Hexemer
Industrial Designer :
Victor Bogatch

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