Seamless awards NYC neighborhoods with dubious honors based on real orders

BBH New York applauds the 'winners' for strange and steady eating habits

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Aug 16, 2018

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While insights derived from user data might seem dry and monotonous, advertisers have taken to turning those "boring" numbers into fascinating campaigns. Spotify and Google, for example, have used them in their entertaining year-in-review efforts. Now, food delivery service Seamless has culled the orders of New Yorkers to create ads "profiling" the city's unique neighborhoods.

The "Seamless Awards" highlight dubious accomplishments by the hungry people of the five boroughs. Highbridge in the Bronx takes the honor for "Least Ideal Neighborhood For Making Out," due to the massive number of garlic bread orders.

The Upper West Side wins "Biggest Identity Crisis," since for some reason they love Chicago-style pizza (known everywhere else in the country as tomato soup in a bread bowl). "Hottest Neighborhood" goes to SoHo for its love of hot sauce, and the South Shore of Staten Island takes "Most Relatable," since its residents order in on Friday nights more than anyone else in the city.

The campaign from BBH New York is running in out-of-home placements on the subway, taxi tops, phone kiosks and digital boards and will be expanding to wall murals, social media and animated digital videos.

It's not the first time Seamless and BBH have showcased users. The "Special Instructions" campaign showed a longsuffering Seamless employee dutifully fulfilling strange requests real diners entered in the "special instructions" field, like making sure the mayonnaise is organic, because "I can taste the difference."