Candy Crush Saga patterns are everywhere in 10th anniversary campaign

Outdoor and print campaign by David Madrid celebrates the mobile game's popularity

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Sep 08, 2022

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Candy Crush Saga is ten years old, and since the addictive mobile game launched in November 2021, over 3 billion people have downloaded it.

To mark the end of its first decade, the game, owned by King, a subdivision of Activision Blizzard, has launched an outdoor and print campaign that replicates the game's brightly colored matching patterns. 

The insight underpinning the push from David Madrid is that once you start to swipe the Match-3 game, you’ll start to see patterns that mirror the in-game mechanic everywhere in your daily life. In other words, whereever there are colored objects and a grid formation.

Billboards show a range of everyday situations where patterns seem to appear, from lockers in a gym to bowling balls in an arcade, and even an office.

The campaign is running in both the U.K. and U.S. markets with one billboard located in New York’s Times Square.  

Candy Crush billboard in NYC

“Anyone who’s played Candy Crush Saga knows that once you get going, the game seems to show up all over the place," said Saulo Rocha, chief creative officer at David Madrid, in a statement. "And that got us thinking, what if we took this and made a whole campaign about it?”  

Fernanda Romano, chief marketing officer at King, added that the campaign centered on "bringing the essence of Candy Crush Saga into the real world in a fun and engaging way. We’ve chosen everyday places where we encourage everyone to have a little fun with us as they head to work or wait in a queue somewhere.”

A grid of differently colored phone cases

It seems they aren't the only brand with the idea about seeing objects everywhere; Samsung's latest ad for the Galaxy flip phone shows a woman obsessed with folding objects, while Guinness used the idea of seeing pints of the black and white stout in its "Welcome Back" ad in 2021. 


Sep 08, 2022
Client :
Candy Crush
Agency :
Global CCO :
Pancho Cassis
Global COO :
Sylvia Panico
Executive Creative Director :
Saulo Rocha
Executive Creative Director :
André Toledo
Associate Creative Director :
Pedro Sattin
Creatives :
Francesc Enrich
Creative :
Giulia Ferrarezi
Creatives :
Maud McCaffrey
Creative :
Wil Carvalho
Motion Designer :
Cristian Migueliz
Head of Production :
Alejandro Falduti
Producer :
Diego Baltazar
Head of Account :
María García Herranz
Account Supervisor :
Andrea Blanco
Global PR Director :
Sandra Azedo
Chief Marketing Officer :
Fernanda Romano
Senior Director Marketing Activation :
Johanna Gerhold
Creative Excellence Director :
Amy Kilty
Senior Creative Marketing Manager :
Ellie Stitcher
Associate Creative Marketing Manager :
Jake Bogira
Media Manager :
Jack MacVine
Senior Communications Planning & Media Manager :
Niall Murphy
Production Company :
Executive Producer :
Natali Sussman
Line Producer :
Ulrich Kirchner
Photographer :
Alastair Philip Whipper
Photo Assistant :
Philip Mar Serejo
Art Direction :
Daniel Ortiz
Art Direction :
Vito Montolio
Retoucher :
Munzer Hodayfa

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