See Geico’s 15-minute gecko documentary—and its four pregame Super Bowl spots

The insurer has been teasing the long-form film by The Martin Agency since late December

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Feb 08, 2024
A giant version of the Geico gecko looming over a child on a bike in a leafy suburban neighborhood

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After several weeks of laying the groundwork for its new gecko-centric campaign, Geico has finally released a 15-minute documentary about its lizard mascot, 25 years after he first appeared in its ads.

Called “Legend of the Lizard” and created with longtime ad partner The Martin Agency, the film supersizes the pint-sized reptile’s reach. It includes a quote from Aristotle and interviews with the gecko’s best friend, Auntie Maclain Ellis, high school coach and several Geico colleagues. It’s clear the mascot was interested in insurance coverage at an early age, to the dismay of other children.

“He wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea, you know,” says Ellis in the video, which takes a trip down memory lane to look at the gecko’s hometown origins. “Some kids thought he was different, unusual.”

As expected, the film also includes an interview with the Caveman, the gecko’s disgruntled rival. He is identified as “Retiree” in yet another dig at the long-suffering Neanderthal. “Get over it. I mean we’re talking about a lizard, right?” he says.

Geico plans to feature the video on its digital channels including YouTube and TikTok. In addition, the insurer will run four 30-second spots on the pregame show ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl. The CBS pregame show will also have an integration—an interview with the Caveman and sports analysts Phil Simms and Boomer Esiason.

Check out the upcoming pregame spots below.