SeedSaga bridges the virtual world and introduces gamers to the world of botany IRL

SeedSaga was developed by two creatives from Wieden+Kennedy London, in partnership with Guild Wars 2

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Feb 20, 2024
Virtual image of a bag of Seedsaga branded Flax seeds

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Have you ever imagined yourself riding Epona through the hills of Hyrule, as you would in Zelda’s Ocarina of Time? Or gardening and harvesting plants just like in The Sims?
If you are a gamer familiar with the online role-playing game Guild Wars 2, you’ve probably noticed the mesmerizing flora in various stages of the game. Full of rich colors and distinctive shapes, these plants are used for purposes such as powerful strength boosters, magical elixirs, and even to create unique gear.
Taking inspiration from these unique plants comes SeedSaga, a specialty seed product that encourages gamers to step away from the desk and bring a little bit of that world into their own, whether they have a green thumb or not. The product reimagines gardening, focusing on these virtual plants as a means to engage the audience that interacts with them online and inspire them beyond the digital realm.

Each of the three packs—Blooming Passiflora, Flax and Crimson Sunflower—includes fully recyclable pouches with instructions and a collectible “shiny ability card” that can also be turned into a soil card.

Blooming Passiflora, also known as Passion Flower, is a perennial flower native to Florida that can also be found in Georgia and the Carolinas and is mostly used for calming anxiety and treating insomnia. In the game, it aids in a quick recovery during intense battles and additional combat advantage. Players can find them in the Southsun Cove, Ember Bay and the Sandswept Isles.
To spot Flax in the game, players have more luck in The Heart of Maguuma, The Crystal Desert and Cantha—and if they are in the mood to get crafting, as it is used for the crafting profession, according to the SeedSaga website. It also helps players increase their power, toughness and concentration. (In our realm, aka Earth, the blue flax is a perennial flower cultivated for food, like its flax seeds.)
The Crimson Sunflower is a very rare flower to find in the game. Players can try doing so in Blazeridge Steppes and in Deep within Craze’s Folly. Apparently, it is one of the 13 needed to gain the legendary longbow, Kudzu—trippy. The IRL version is the Claret Sunflower, a dark wine-colored sunflower that can grow up to 6 feet tall. This bold fella also loves to attract bees and other nice bugs.

SeedSaga was developed by two creatives from Wieden+Kennedy London, in partnership with Guild Wars 2. It represents the agency’s first project for the Agency for Nature Initiative, which includes four other leading U.K. creative agencies, and is led by the purpose-driven nonprofits Glimpse and Purpose Disruptors, which aim to spark interest in nature among today’s youth.

Players interested in crossing the worlds can visit the SeedSaga website and learn more about the seeds and plants that will bloom with proper care. The packs are adorned with stickers, and other gaming accessories to captivate fans of the game and bring a piece of it into their lives as a real botanical adventure.


Feb 20, 2024
Client :
Agency for Nature
Agency :
Wieden & Kennedy

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